Welcome to the Andrew Eastmond Sampler Page.

Below are several Real Audio sample songs at 8 bit mono and mp3 songs that have awesome sound. You are more than welcome to download these files for your own listening pleasure but you are not allowed to sell them or give them away as part of a package being sold. Check back for new songs. Enjoy!

These first four RealAudio cuts are from the CD... Prodigal Son

Beatitudes     The Eagle 

Thy Word     I Am

These next few cuts are from the CD...

Father's Love

Submit     Jesus Walked      Eternity

Here are the mp3 files from the CD... 

I Am Seeking You

Psalm 27     Isaiah 6     Psalm 108     I Am Seeking You

Here are the mp3 files from the CD... 

Joy Complete

Jesus     Count It Joy    Love Me?

The inspirational and life changing ministry gift of New Zealander, Andrew Eastmond, has continued to impart blessing since 1980. He and his wife Kathy direct New Heart Ministries, Inc., a teaching and music ministry that reaches into over 25 states in America, and other countries of the world to strengthen the work of Jesus Christ in every Christian's life and to reach out to the lost.

 As a singer, songwriter, musician and teacher, Andrew's gifts have increasingly made room for him to the need of our generation. His compelling and prophetic music and messages touch hearts of all ages and walks of life.

Pastors and ministers from many parts of the world are united in a common admiration of the truly unique and wonderful ministry entrusted by God to Andrew and Kathy Eastmond.

 New Heart Vision

New Heart Ministries continues to expand its vision for outreach, evangelism, and also for edifying, equipping and training the body of Christ for their work of ministry as according to Ephesians 4:12. Through the faithful support of ministry partners, and their generous and mission-minded love offerings of the churches they minister in, Andrew and Kathy are able to take the Gospel into all the world. They minister in churches, prisons, high schools, nursing homes, concerts, festivals and with street evangelism and music tapes.

The songs from the four sampled CDs listed here are amongst many that will touch your heart. Contact him at the number listed below for ministry possibilities or to purchase New Heart Ministries, Inc. CDs or tapes.

All glory & praise to the Lord!


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