Welcome SyracuseBusiness.Com raffled certificate holders.

Note that while the claimed value of the certificates is only $60, the value of the webpages that get posted for you could be worth much, much more. The work that I will do for you would be worth hundreds, if not thousands, if you had some typical ad agencies do the work.

Here’s the procedure for getting your pages up at SyracuseBusiness.Com.

  • If you know what you want and have all art and text ready in digital format (e.g. text in a Word document and images in .gif or .jpg files), then all you have to do is get the information to me on diskette/CD/DVD with a sketch or explanation of how you’d like the pages set up, and I’ll create those pages per my interpretation and send you the link so you can preview your pages. You will then be able to let me know details on what needs to be changed/added/deleted etc.

  • If you would like, I will post a duplicate of your current corporate designed website homepage and have all links direct to your server just as the original does. In this scenario, all large image files will load on SyracuseBusiness.Com from your site keeping you within the “Business Card” site parameters that comes with your gift certificate. Note: It might be that your current site is running particular or extensive scripting that will not allow this option. You can ask your webmaster. You may still choose to mimic, in lesser fashion, your current site’s homepage.

  • If you have no idea about websites and this is all new to you, then we will have a conversation about setting up a site from the ground up. The only real requirements for this is that you will still have to present the wording for your site, the text, in digital format. The call is mine about how much typing I will do before you may be charged a fee that is not covered under your gift certificate. After your site is interpreted and posted, you will receive a link so you may preview your page(s) and let me know about necessary editing that needs to be completed.

In all three cases, I will scan some photographs for your site - if necessary.

You may be able to “trade up” to higher level sites with more functionality and additional cost – one certificate per upgrade. For most websites, three pages are more than adequate to get your name or product sufficiently online to be found by web surfers. After your pages are up, I will give you tips, if applicable, on how to increase the likelihood of traffic to your site.

Again, please do not be under the illusion that this is a low value gift you have won. In the world of the web, websites are most often visited by people using a search engine such as google.com to find that for which they are looking. Here’s the challenge. To narrow your search from the whole world to our area, always start your search with Syracuse. Go to google.com and search for “Syracuse” <anything>. See if a website/webpage from SyracuseBusiness.Com comes up within the first three pages of returns – it probably will! Go ahead, try searching for “Syracuse Gifts” or “Syracuse Insurance” or “Syracuse Music” or “Syracuse …” You will find that just because someone has their own domain name it doesn’t mean that they will beat my pages in a search.

I hope you took the challenge and found that SyracuseBusiness.Com pages do pretty darn good amongst millions of potential returns.

I hope to hear from you soon as you “cash in” your gift certificate. First come gets first attention. These certificates do have an expiration date that will not be extended.

Some ideas for who would use pages at SyracuseBusiness.Com:

  • Say you (or maybe your father in law) builds birdhouses and sells them in the front yard every summer. Put some pictures up of typical bird houses and contact information and then he can get some sales all year! Maybe it’s your kid’s hotpads (potholders) that you’d like to show on the web!

  • How about a record collection that might take a year to sell to the right person. This website is like a full-color Pennysaver ad that runs every day, 365 days a year!

  • How about that classic car – show it off for a year by being able to send your friends across the country to your web pages to see it – you don’t have to be selling it! Just use SyracuseBusiness.Com as the place holder for the information.

  • Maybe you do financial counseling or tax preparation on the side but you don’t do enough (right now) to warrant spending hundreds on a website – here’s your chance. If it works, it will only be $60 a year (prices subject to change) after that!

  • Teach guitar? Make custom cottage cheese? Whittle whistles? Have an antique watch you want people to look at/appraise without sending all over? Starting a lawn mowing or snowplowing service? Son want to sell that Hot Wheel collection?

To sell from SyracuseBusiness.Com, you can either put your phone number and or email address on your pages or you can put an order form that can be printed out and faxed or snail-mailed to you. There is currently NO ONLINE MONEY TRANSACTION capability available at SyracuseBusiness.Com.

You get the idea. SyracuseBusiness.Com is like a 24/7/365 full color ad reaching not thousands, or hundreds of thousands of homes, but millions! And that for less than it will cost you to run ONE all-papers Pennysaver ad without ONE picture. You can't keep your itmes up on eBay for this little amount!

Remember: The site/pages must be of a commercial nature and cannot:

  • Promote alcohol.

  • Promote cigarettes/tobacco.

  • Promote/contain pornographic imagery/pornography.

  • Promote religion or religious ideology.

  • Link to sites that include the above.

SyracuseBusiness.Com retains the right not to honor Gift Certificates based on proposed content.